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Episode 160 – Which is better? Increase your gym weights VS more reps. “I don’t want to get big and bulky” “I enjoy lifting weights but I only want to tone up and improve my shape” “ I want to keep lean” Do any of these resonate with you? If they do, that’s fine, most people in the masses would think this as well and instead of increasing their weight Continue reading

Episode 158 – Power cleans vs Full cleans for athletic performance Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is: “What is the difference between power cleans and cleans in athletic performance?” To the general population there’s not much difference between these two exercises but for the athlete a slight change in movement for this olympic lift will mean a huge shift in physical adaptation. a. Power cleans (or hang cleans) Continue reading

Episode 151 – Why we need to get rid of participation awards I remember receiving a participation award in school for coming 8th out of 15 for a 800m race. I was embarrassed to be in the bottom 12 participants. This was the equivalent of putting a big red sign over my head that said, “we felt sorry for these 12 kids.” Eventually of course, I went on to Continue reading

Episode 150 – Why post workout soreness is good Q: “I’m wondering if it’s a bad thing if I’m not getting sore after a workout?” A: First off, if you’re exercising for weight loss, sports or even muscle gain, you should getting some workout soreness for like 1-3 days after the workout. In short, 2 days would be normal-ish, 4 days is too long, whereas no workout soreness means you Continue reading

Episode 136 – 1 simple rule for choosing exercise workouts and routine styles Today’s #AskEvro Show question is, “What are my exercise workouts and routines?” Well, my philosophy is very similar to my nutrition mindset and this is: Make sure you vary it up, try new things, explore – even if you try it only once! This will keep you engaged for the long term. So in terms of exercise, Continue reading

Episode 81 – Six ways yoga can improve your life I love yoga. I wish someone had introduced me to yoga when I was younger. Below are 6 ways yoga can improve your life. Enjoy!   Stress relief: Yoga means “union” and refers to the relationship between body and mind. Yoga classes focus on the present moment to clear the mind. This allows us to relax, combat stress and anxiety Continue reading

Episode 79 – 5 Essential Foam Rolling tips   Foam rollers have grown in popularity and for very good reasons.   Foam rollers are versatile, affordable, and quite effective as a means of self-massage and recovery — when used properly. Here are five (5) essential foam rolling tips to follow to fast track your peak performance.   Let’s go!   1. Don’t roll over joints Foam rolling directly over joints Continue reading

Episode 66 – No B.S. Tips For Weight Loss   Drastic measures like crash dieting and skipping meals are rubbish tips for weight loss.   The following are effective and healthy approaches toward weight loss. Let’s get into it!   Eat your fruits and vegetables Fruit and vegetables are essential for the body. They help rebalance your diet by displacing high calorie, low nutrient foods with an essential source of Continue reading

Episode 65 – Top ideas To Be More Active Without Effort   It’s time to ease into your transformation!   Adopt a healthier lifestyle by taking baby steps instead of jumping at big commitments. Small lifestyle changes are better because they stick. The following are top ideas to be more active without effort:   Modify your space Change your environment! If you hang out in the lounge room often, you Continue reading

Episode 60 – Must Read Tips For Training In The Heat   Training in the heat is not for everyone. But if you must, be smart!   There are many factors to consider when training in the heat. Temperature, humidity, and intensity of the weather can adversely affect your body, mind and overall health.   The main point is to avoid training in the heat unless you must! If you Continue reading