Episode 159 – Should I eat citrus fruit or not?

A: This is a random, out of context question but it’s interesting. This person has been advised by their doctor to stop eating citrus fruit for a reason.

First things first if you’re doctor has done a full assessment of your medical status and they deem that action to be appropriate it’s best to follow what your doctor has said – no matter how silly it sounds.

a. There may be some drug-nutrient interactions that prohibit citrus fruit intake while you’re on a specific medication(s)

b. it might be that you’re eating too much fruit in general (2-3 fruits a day max for normal people) and you need to cut your fruit intake down (perhaps they were eating too much citrus fruits)

c. it might be something different all together.

So when I hear a statement like the above, “”not to eat fruits”” I do get caution bells but I don’t have all the information to discount their advice.


1. First and foremost. Listen to your doctor.

2. Do your own research. Get educated yourself and/or get a second opinion from another medical professional.

Do you want to eat citrus fruit? Read on below.

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