Episode 163 – If you don’t have six pack abs, you’re not healthy

A balanced life will get you six pack abs

Here’s a premise I’ve been thinking about for a while now, “Everyone that has a balanced life will have six pack abs.”

This is a very interesting statement from a well respected holistic health coach I follow. He mentioned it on one of the podcasts he guested on.

If this statement were true,

1. Why are so many people increasingly becoming imbalanced?
2. What factors or facets of the person are imbalanced?
3. How much does each factor weigh-in on creating balance in one’s life?
4. Can these be tweaked to rebalance that person?

Another qn:

4. Is this why a six pack is so alluring (because that person is communicating that they have balance in their life?)


Want six pack abs? Read on below and consider the outlined imbalances. 

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