Episode 164 – A healthy life has rhythm

Find your Rhythm

Today’s talk was about finding your rhythm for a sustainable holistic high performance lifestyle.

Never thought I’d talk about finding your rhythm – ever.

For most of my life, I’ve been in high level competition so all I once knew was how to compete – to go “all-in.”

You see, in a performance, elite competition lifestyle – there is no rhythm – it’s “all-in” until the end (to win / achieve your goal and take the spoils, and unfortunately – and ideally – for others to lose or perish).

“All-in” is the perfect adaptation to a competition model – whether it be international sporting, sales, Darwinian evolution, etc. The downside is it also taxes your resources in exchange for your goal (at the cost of your resources – energy, time, money, resources, etc.).

Then, one day I broke (a story for another time).

Luckily, like all humans I eventually learnt and adapted.

And it was in this “learning space” I realised there are other ways to perform while keeping it sustainable.

In other words, my research question was,

“How can I continue to perform well for life?”

Here’s the topline of my keynote messages:

1.Rhythmic awareness

Rhythm is apart of your life. It’s not a linear life, it’s a wave of energy – peaks and troughs. Understand this pattern, enter into the present to shift your paradigm and then life can transform.

Become aware to master timing.

Need more tips for a high performance lifestyle? Read on below.

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