Episode 129 – 6 excuse killers

Everyone has the same amount of time. It’s what we do with it that matters.”

I’m too busy.”

What a lame, BS excuse.

Every loser in their loser life uses this excuse.

They may not say it out aloud but they do say it to themselves – often subconsciously.

Is this you?

It’s time for some excuse killers because those three words together will destroy – not only you but your whole genetic lineage. It’s a sign of weakness, indecision, unwillingness to make sacrifices…to take risks. …at least you’re aware of it now.

Maybe you want to shake it from your essence but don’t know how?!

Well, you’re in luck. Here are some hardline excuse killers:

1. Gary Vee would replace those three words (“I’m too busy“) with these three words, “you’re gonna die!”

2. Tom Hardy talks about the time Charlie Bronson rang him and stated that in times of difficulty, you have to make tough decisions – “CUT IT OFF!” was the infamous attitude he had towards a live or die drowning situation. Get out your metaphorical knife and “cut it off” TODAY (your excuses, that is).

3. Dan Pena would call you a snowflake cos you melt under a little heat. Instead, get laser beam focused on what you need to do – if it’s an opportunity that has just come up, grow a pair and make the decision to jump ship on the ‘busy BS” and set sail for better horizons.


Read on below for three (3) more classic excuse killers.

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