Episode 148 – Why everyone should quit coffee today

Q: How many coffees can you have in a day?

You probably don’t want to have too many more than 2 coffees (if I were you) but in reality I wouldn’t have any – and I personally haven’t for almost 2 years now… and here’s 5 reasons why everyone should quite coffee today.

1. Nap time is better than caffeine

Caffeine is used to help stimulate the body and mind for “energy.” This is similar to naps or “micro sleeps,” where this process of resting supplies energy to the mind and body through replenishment.

To me, 2 cups of coffee per day is already a sign that you’re pushing your energy limit and are probably in need of a good sleep instead.

2. Caffeine is a toxin.

Why would you want to poison your mind and body?

3. You already have enough energy.

For me (and many wholistic health coaches) it would be suffice to say you already have enough energy in your body to be able to operate effectively without caffeine in your system (believe it or not). It’s just that you need to rest and replenish those stores or clear out your energy systems so that the energy (“life force”) in your body can go to where it’s needed (cardio exercise and stretching is a good way to start this process).

4. You can generate more life energy without caffeine.


Need to quit coffee? Read on below.

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