Episode 85 – How reminders will achieve your goals


Every day is full of distracts.

In fact, you are on the back foot as soon as you wake up making it nearly impossible to achieve your goals!

Don’t believe me?!

Let’s have a look at what usually happens when you start your day.

Once your eyes open, you hit the toilet and then boom you’re on the smartphone immediately to start on daily information upload of the world’s events.

Maybe the kids come into play or your partner wants to chat.

Next comes your daily preparation – shower, dress up, breakfast, commute…

Meanwhile, instant messages flood in as the morning warms up and you only begin to chip away at them while you check out some interesting posts…

…Finally, you hit that TV news report with multiple sub-articles and…. that’s the straw that broke the donkey’s back right there – you’re basically doomed from now on.

Your mind is spun into overdrive and you’re fried before you get to work.

…Then work happens! Haha.

Game over.

Welcome to the ride of life.

Pause for a second.

So how can anyone ever effectively achieve their goals?

How is it possible to win with all this going on?

Unfortunately, as a human (and despite what those “multi-taskers” out there will tell you) we can only really focus effectively on 1 thing.

That’s right one thing at a time.


Achieve your goals today. Read on below to learn how.

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