Episode 136 – 1 simple rule for choosing exercise workouts and routine styles

Today’s #AskEvro Show question is, “What are my exercise workouts and routines?”

Well, my philosophy is very similar to my nutrition mindset and this is:

Make sure you vary it up, try new things, explore – even if you try it only once! This will keep you engaged for the long term.

So in terms of exercise, I believe the body was meant to move – and if you’ve seen someone else move in a certain way, more often than not you too can do it (it might take some practice, but you could do it).

Thus, to answer the question above, my exercise routine varies considerably to the new environments and methodology I want to try. I try everything. It’s like play for me.

What exercises have a I tried recently?

To give you an idea of what I’ve been doing recently, here’s some interesting exercise styles in the public at the moment:

Find out some exercise workouts and routine styles. Read on below.

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