Episode 54 – Eleven Healthier Lunch Ideas For Busy People


You’re busy, so let’s make this quick!


It’s a usual weekday, the hours have flown and you’re starting to get “hunger shakes.”


You need food for lunch but are stuck for time and choice. If you don’t get something now you’ll certainly be flat in the afternoon. Moreover, you don’t want a coffee because the caffeine keeps you up at night. I feel you. It’s time to feel energetic for the rest of the day.

In this article, you’ll discover 11 quick and healthy lunch ideas for busy people (like you) to keep your body moving so you can tame any hectic workweek.


Avoid being tired and regretful having missed out on a refuelling opportunity. What are you waiting for?


Let’s do lunch!

Below is a list of food options to go for! Try one out!


1. Healthy sandwiches are an easy option.

  • Try multigrain bread, pumpernickel, rye bread, brown bread instead of the usual white bread
  • Go for healthy fillings such as natural meats such as beef, chicken, turkey or tuna
  • Vegetables also go great on a sandwich such as salads and even Mediterranean type vegetables – zucchini, tomato, avocado, olives, and onions.
  • Pita bread, focaccia, bagels are other alternatives for sandwiches.


2. Big soups with salad side

  • Go for the tomato, pumpkin, pea or broccoli based soup over the creamy one. There’s generally less fat in them – just watch your shirt!
  • Get a hearty salad to go with it as well.


3. Wholesome salads based on vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates

  • Salads can be a solid meal! Choose a good salad food outlet and ask for a salad based on ancient grains such as sorghum, kamut or even bulgur.
  • Even less leafy salads that are vegetable based (think Italian or Mediterranean) are excellent – cucumbers, tomato, corn and diced bell peppers with dressing!


4. Baked potato with protein fillings

  • Try these options out – tuna and cheese, chicken and avocado, mushroom and egg.


5. Muffins and bread based on fruits and nuts such as banana bread, walnuts and / or pecans.


6. Muesli and Oatmeal snack bars

  • If you’re super busy these can be a handy quick fix.
  • Try to couple with fruit, salad and / or a protein option like canned fish or beans.


What are the other 4 healthy lunch ideas for busy people? Read on below.

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