Episode 24 – Nutrition tips for getting lean muscle mass


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “How do I put on weight?”
  • “How do I increase my “gainz?”
  • “How do I get more muscle mass?”


If you answered yes, read on. Let’s discuss my top tips for getting lean muscle mass through basic nutrition principles.


1. Eat a lot

Your body is in a state of homeostasis, which basically means your body is seeking to keep you in the same condition you are in now.  Simply put, it’s trying to keep you the same.  If you want to upset that balance to put on muscle consciously then you need to eat more than you’re currently doing and consistently. By doing this you put yourself in the best position to reset your current “homeostatic balance” by consciously “re-establishing a new homeostatic balance at a higher weight.” Does that make sense?


To make that simpler: provide yourself with more nutrients (through eating more). By having these building blocks readily available to be utilised, it is more likely to be converted into body tissue (such as muscle).  If you can’t commit to this first tip then you won’t be in a position to put on weight and thus no progression from here.


How do you eat a lot?

Increase your portion sizes to add in those extra nutrients particularly energy dense options such as:

  • Adding in oils to your meals
  • Adding in milk (eg. Smoothies over juices)
  • Nuts (add to salads)
  • Eggs (add to soups, salads, sandwiches, rice, etc) to your meals or
  • Choose energy dense foods over low energy dense options at mealtimes (eg. meats over breads or cream soup over water-based soups).


2. Eat often to eat more

This is an easier and probably more comfortable way to get in calories and nutrients.   You can observe the success of this tip in bodybuilders as a population group.  Yes, it’s more labour intensive – as you need to stop to eat every few hours – however, if you do this and do it consistently, you can place the balance in favour of gaining muscle and also make it easier to eat more calories and nutrients to support your exercise program.


How do you eat often?

Normally you’d eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, on top of those three meals, add in three mid-meals or snacks. So, mid-morning snack, mid-afternoon snack, and pre-bed snack. If you want to follow a bodybuilder track, you should try to eat at least six (6) meals within the day, every day. Some bodybuilder’s go up to eight (8) meals in a day.  If you can do this, it’ll put you in the best position to gaining muscle.


Need more tips on getting lean muscle mass with nutrition? Read on below.

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