Episode 46 – Four Reasons Why You Should Eat With The Seasons


If you’ve ever complained about the cost of fruits and vegetables put your hand up. I get it all the time.


  • “ Healthy eating is too expensive.”
  • “ Fruits and vegetables cost too much! Why bother?!”
  • “ One week mangoes are cheap, next thing you know they cost triple the amount!”


These are common complaints I get in my workshops and, I feel you. It can be a challenge to be healthy.

It seems too expensive. Funnily enough, it’s not.


And here’s why.


I shop for the fruits and vegetables that are in season! I know that sounds cheap, but it’s smarter! When you eat with the seasons, you can’t go wrong – you’ll save money, be healthier and wonderfully enough you’ll contribute to your community and the world we live in.

Here’s how! In this article, you’ll learn 4 reasons why you should eat with the seasons so you too can save money and be healthier. It’s time to forget about feeling helpless when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition.


4 reasons to eat with the seasons


1. It’s cheaper

Fruit and vegetable produce is generally cheaper when it is most abundant and sold in bulk, (ie. direct from the farmer or local markets). This is because of the age-old business principle: supply is greater than demand.


To take advantage, do your research.

  1. Find out what fruits and vegetables are in season now and focus on buying those
  2. Find some cool recipes to match those in-season foods.


It’s good to save money on your food bill and that’s the first reason to eat with the seasons.


2. It’s healthier

Seasonal foods picked at the peak of freshness offer better taste and higher nutritional value than out of season fruits and vegetables. This is because are they harvested when they are supposed to be – naturally. They will be tastier and fresher and, you can provide your body with a variety of important vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytochemicals (like vitamins but often better) that you need to maintain optimal health.

So, they taste better and give you better nutritional value – that’s another great reason to eat with the seasons.



What are the other two reasons to eat with the seasons? Read on below.

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