Episode 37 – 5 popular exercises to train your abs


Let’s be real! Everyone wants or has wanted to get a “six pack.”


It’s the epitome of a beautiful physique, the jewel of fitness crowns and the envy of many! Having an amazing mid-section does wonders for your confidence, is a symbol of fitness “success” and gives you bragging rights. But, it’s not easy to get and there are hundreds of different tips and tricks to obtain the often-allusive “six-pack” abs. Luckily, you’ve found this article because I’ve got the five most popular exercises to train your abs right here.


Do you know your midsection?

Fundamentally, the “six pack” or midsection is made up of two main parts:


  • The “six pack”

This is basically the middle of the torso between the ribcage and the pelvis covering the stomach. Here you’ll typically see six muscular pockets or “washboard abs.”  That’s the “six-pack.”


  • The obliques or “side abdominal part”

The obliques are the side parts of the “six-pack.” These parts of the abs help to rotate the torso (with the help of the lats) from side-to-side and also aesthetically round-out the “six-pack” package to create a wonderful mid-section.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore 5 popular exercises to train your abs!


1.Side plank hold

These are similar to the plank hold except these are performed facing laterally.


How to do it?

Simply lie on your left side and tuck your left elbow and forearm underneath. Begin the side plank by popping up onto your elbow and your toes. Quickly form a “bridge” with your mid-section. Keep good posture and hold until finished. If this is too difficult to do, simply drop to your knees and then create the “bridge” in this position.


2.Swiss ball crunches

Swiss ball crunches are amazing! The secret is in the fact that the swiss ball allows for the extra curvature in the spine (or hyperextension) to allow for a full range of ab contraction in comparison to performing a crunch on the floor.


How to do it?

To perform a swiss ball crunch lie on the swiss ball facing the sky and place both feet on the ground to help create stability. Once you’re in a comfy position and ready, place your hands near your ears (not behind your head) and then gradually “crunch” up and move the torso towards the sky. Once at the top, slowly lower yourself down to the start position.


Check out these swiss ball weighted ab crunches exercises to train your abs

Swissball weighted ab crunch

 3.Weighted Russian twists

Weighted Russian twists are another ab exercise that focus not only the mid-section but the obliques as well.


How to do it?

Simply sit on the ground, knees bend and feet flat on the floor. While holding the weights (eg. Medi ball, plate, dumbbell) in both hands, keep good posture and twist between the left and right sides until finished.

Medicine Ball – russian twist

What are two other must do exercises to train your abs? Read on below.

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