Episode 145 – Is sleep more important than exercise in weight loss?

Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is, “I’m super busy. What’s more important for my health: sleep or exercise?”

This is a relevant question for many people today particularly those who have weight loss as a goal.

When you’re super busy both time prioritisation and understanding the hierarchy for health are critical for health and wellbeing success.

First off, Let’s think about the mindset for the rhythm of life:

What’s keeping you busy, is it physical or mental labour?

For example, if you are a physical labourer then physical movement (or exercising) is an integral part of your day. In this situation, I’d prioritise rest and sleep over exercise as your activities of daily living are high.

However, if it’s the other way around and you’re a mental worker and thus sit most of the day – you probably need to exercise a bit more than physical rest (But equally on the same token, you’d also need a good night’s sleep because you need to integrate your daily knowledge into long term memory).

So out of both those situations, sleep is king.

Secondly, understand the most important factor for health is sleep. Read on below.

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