Episode 69 – More Ways To Think About Good Nutrition


Healthy eating is important but it is not always an easy transition to make if you are used to eating whatever you want, whenever you want.  Sometimes it is easiest to start by making small changes in your diet and lifestyle until you have reached the goals that you set for yourself.  Here are some tips to move toward your goals one step at a time. In this article you will learn more effective ways to think about good nutrition.


Cut out soft drinks

It is a good idea to avoid soft drinks all together if you can.  If you need to wean yourself off of them slowly, start by switching to diet or sugar free varieties then progress to the healthier options below.

If you are able to eliminate soft drinks, they can be replaced with healthier yet still tasty options.  For a warm drink (or the iced version), opt for natural green tea.  It tastes great and offers plenty of health benefits.

Replace soft drinks with water infused with flavor.  You can give your water a squeeze of lemon or lime or infuse it with berries, cucumber, or mint.  Any of these things will give your water a boost of flavor and some added nutrients.


Avoid convenience foods and fast foods

Convenience food and fast food are all high in fat, sugar, and salt.  Some days it can be hard to avoid them altogether especially if you are pressed for time.  Remember that if you do occasionally rely on these foods, portion control is key.  Eat smaller quantities and remember not to super-size orders even though the cost may seem minimal.  The health cost is much higher than the monetary cost.

One way to cut down on convenience foods is to prepare meals in advance and freeze them or use a slow cooker for your dinner.  Being able to vacuum seal prepared meals in single portions is also a good way to have meals at the ready for a busy day.


Want to learn more effective ways to think about good nutrition? Read on below.

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