Episode 38 – Three snack traps to master




Love them or hate them they’re here to stay in our food supply. 


There is a problem with snacks though: not all of them are created equal – nor will they ever be. So, what has everyone been doing wrong? There seems to be a general lack of critical thinking across the board and a reliance on “gut feelings” (excuse the pun).

Whereas, the secret to finding a healthy (and tasty) snack is to be able to differentiate between your impulses and “wants” versus your actual body and mind needs. 

Here are a few snack traps to master and their quick and easy healthy alternatives to help you dominate your health and fitness for life!


How hard can snacking be? Right?!

First and foremost, you’re human so it can be easy to fall into one or more of these traps. Time to rise above these:


Bad habits

Yes, it happens to even the best from time to time. When you’re tired, busy or both – you’re most likely to fall onto your default choices to save time and energy.  If you’ve never thought about it, you’re likely to have made snack choices based on taste over health benefits or nutrient value. That’s ok, read on to see how to fix it.


How to overcome bad habits in snacking:

At the start of the week when you are feeling fresh – plan ahead. Look at an overview of your calendar and then identify when you usually eat snacks as well as, what your default options are. If you’re not eating healthy foods, switch them out with better alternatives by locating a new healthy source nearby. Good options include a healthy food stand, salad station or even sushi trains.


What are two other snack traps to master? Read on below.

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