Episode 134 – 6 super simple ways to enhance your relaxation time

I get it.

So even though you’re trying to enjoy your relaxation time – laying down in the sun at the beach or your sitting on your couch watching tv or something like that – you can’t help but think about external stresses that you have in your day such as bills, relationship issues or news and media junk.

It might even be like work politics, work deadlines or work projects in general that are getting under your skin and into your head.

So, in essence, you are physically relaxed…BUT you have all this mental clutter circulating in your mind which is affecting your relaxation time.

What can you do to enhance your relaxation time?

First off be aware of it.

Awareness is the metaphorical fork in the road where you can make a choice to either continue on the same path or try a new course of living.

Here in this first stage make sure you step outside of yourself for a moment and recognise that you are mentally cluttered.

Then it’s up to you to make the choice to do something about it.

Secondly, add in these mind altering activities to enhance your relaxation time:

Externalize or remove those thoughts from your head through thoughts management activities such as:


Relaxation time habits to follow. Read on below.

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