Episode 133 – 3 weird sweet tooth habits of healthy people

I’ve always enjoyed having a sweet tooth!

I remember the first lollies (candies) I was ever given was from my grandparents. Nan and Pop used to love barley sugars and caramel toffees.

Whenever we’d go over to their place they would bring out the lolly jar and get us all hyped up on sugary goodness. Haha. Good memories.

But it didn’t stop there.

As I grew up, I later found it was ingrained in our culture – for sporting events I had gummy bears or snakes before the games, at school I used to get rewarded for good behaviour with jelly beans, kids parties had the lolly bags full of snakes, red frogs, milk bottles and choc buds…

No wonder I still enjoy lollies!

And this isn’t a problem in moderation.

But what happens if you let it go overboard?

This is not always healthy – particularly if you’re trying to lose weight or even stabilise your energy levels throughout the day.

So what three food or food-like substances can you use to fulfill that craving for sweetness but not blow the calorie and energy levels out of proportion?


Want to know the weird sweet tooth habits of healthy people? Read on below.

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