Episode 95 – Do you need help finding the best exercise routine?


“Coach Chris, what’s the best exercise routine I should be doing?”

Immediately I’d reply, “How often CAN you train that’s sustainable?”

That’s the most important thing.

Yes, the ideal answer is likely to be between 2 and 4 times a week – depending on how intense it is (It could also be a daily rhythm if it’s less intense such as a walk or low-intensity body weight resistance movements).

But will this work for the individual – all the time? Absolutely not.

So we have to customize the lifestyle, expectations and outcomes timeframe accordingly.

For example,

I know people that only train on Saturday and Sunday but don’t train or exercise during the week (super long or intense training weekend sessions).

Some previous clients of mine would train for 5 minutes during their lunch break (daily) right before lunch and that was it (hardcore intensity) – and they didn’t train on the weekend either.

And that works for them.


For the best exercise routine, read on below.

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