Episode 112 – 3 effective health and fitness reminders


Do you have a health and fitness goal you want to achieve and yet you’re often described as one of the these types of people:

  • Forgetful
  • Easily distracted
  • Aloof or “happy go lucky”

I know what you’re thinking.

“How will I ever achieve that health and fitness goal?”

It’s easy.

Starting today this is what you can use to overcome your shortcomings.


They keep you focused on the journey!

How so?

Let’s explore three effective reminders to use for your health and fitness:

1. Your fridge.

You gotta eat sometime.

I don’t know about you but I look at my fridge at least two or three times a day (sometimes more!!). Why not use that incidental attention to your advantage – particularly if it’s the first or last thing you look at.

Simply get a magnet, write an important goal or message on a piece of paper and then stick it right there on the fridge door next to the handle.

This is a sure way to get that health and fitness reminder effectively noticed!

2. Your work desk Corkboard

If there’s one place you will spend a lot of time, it’s at work.

Use this 40-80 hour time exposure period to let that important health and fitness reminder sink into your subconscious by placing it on a corkboard, partition wall or computer screen in near view.


Read on below.



The best way to make it stick out is to write it on a bright sticky note and attach it at an unusual, slightly off-centre, unaligned angle (aka annoying orientation) so it constantly calls you to action.

This is particularly effective if you’re OCD or like your office clean – it’ll effectively draw your attention to your health and fitness reminder – just don’t pin anything over it!

3. Your fitness buddy

Find your rock.

This person (or animal) is your pillar of strength, your honest soundboard, and constant companion. They’re also a really effective health and fitness reminder as well.

Think for a second.

Who fits that description?

Is it a close friend or family member, maybe it’s your partner. Perhaps it’s your emotional support animal or pet?!

Next, work out what important message you want them to remind you of – your health and fitness goal – and have them constantly check-in with you every time you catch up for a conversation.

If on the other hand, it’s a pet or animal…

Buy them a pendant or chain that has your health and fitness reminder engraved on it – that way every time you play with them it’s right there along with those puppy dog eyes! This will keep you doing the important things and making sure your involvement is laser focused.

Why does this matter?

There’s no point in wasting time.

Life’s a calling and there are dreams to achieve.

Do something about it!

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness. International Athlete, Elite Performance Manager for the Philippine Volcanoes rugby teams, qualified Dietitian / Nutritionist and qualified educator. Chris Everingham combines more than 10 years of experience and education together to deliver the best strategies to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.


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