Episode 112 – 3 effective health and fitness reminders


Do you have a health and fitness goal you want to achieve and yet you’re often described as one of these types of people:

I know what you’re thinking.

“How will I ever achieve that health and fitness goal?”

It’s easy.

Starting today this is what you can use to overcome your shortcomings: Health and fitness reminders.

They keep you focused on the journey!

How so?

Let’s explore three effective reminders to use for your health and fitness:

1. Your fridge.

You gotta eat sometime.

I don’t know about you but I look at my fridge at least two or three times a day (sometimes more!!). Why not use that incidental attention to your advantage – particularly if it’s the first or last thing you look at.

Simply get a magnet, write an important goal or message on a piece of paper and then stick it right there on the fridge door next to the handle.

This is a sure way to get that health and fitness reminder effectively noticed!

2. Your work desk Corkboard

If there’s one place you will spend a lot of time, it’s at work.

Use this 40-80 hour time exposure period to let that important health and fitness reminder sink into your subconscious by placing it on a corkboard, partition wall or computer screen in near view.

The best way to make it stick out is to write it on a bright sticky note and attach it at an unusual, slightly off-centre, unaligned angle (aka annoying orientation) so it constantly calls you to action.

This is particularly effective if you’re got an OCD or you prefer your office clean – it’ll effectively draw your attention to your health and fitness reminder – just don’t pin anything over it!


Read on below your number one health and fitness reminder.

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