Episode 94 – The best time to grow your awareness


“If you fail, try, try again.”

“Never give up because that could be the exact moment the tide will turn.”

The friend I mentioned in “Episode 93 – when you notice this you’ll change your life,” got back in touch with me because he struggled with the creative visualization activity.

(Quick recap: he was stuck in a rut and wanted to break out. I told him the only way to grow your awareness is to, “break your mind” with creative visualization in the mornings).

“Bro, I can’t get it down right now. What am I doing wrong?”

“ok bro, I’ll try to explain it another way.”

And it went a little something like this:

Upon waking up, I want you to do nothing. I want you to just lay there (or sit up on the edge of your bed with your eyes closed).

But don’t sleep!

Come to be aware of what’s going on…


Grow your awareness today. Read on below.

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