Episode 89 – Create action in your life – transform your feelings into meaning


Have you ever had a gut feeling and…AND… you were right?!

Something was a “bit off, a little iffy”, hey!

I know I have.

I often use this instinct to help guide me in my health and performance.

And you too should use it to create action in your life!

While it’s important to use all available evidence in decision making (particularly how you look after your health), the use of gut instincts and intuition can be a wonderful guide to help you to manage your state of well-being.

Let’s look at a simple scenario involving back pain.

For example, one day you notice you have this pain radiating from your back.

Upon doing some research with your physiotherapist you decide to start daily stretching to help ease the pain. Then after a number of sessions, the back pain is no longer there – you continue with your normal life. Of course, rhythmically if the back pain returned, you are prompted to start the daily stretching again to help “fix” it.


Want to create action in your life? Read on below.

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