Episode 155 – Is plastic safe for our food and drink?

Today’s question is: “Is plastic safe for our food and drink?”

This is an interesting question about safe nutrition and is quite relatable to almost everyone. For example, do you use any of the following?

  • Protein shaker (especially with a metallic shaker ball)
  • “Chinese” containers
  • Disposal plastic utensils (forks and knives) and even plastic party plates
  • Cloudy (non-see through) plastic containers and cups such as those red drinking cups
  • Plastic water bottles that have been left in the sun too long.

If you use any of the above, you better read this article.

If you’re consuming foods and drinks that have been stored and / or reheated in plastic containers there is some reason for concern.

1. Hormone Hacking potential

First off, some plastics used for the above purposes have been known to be harmful to human health to the extent that these chemical by-products may have estrogen mimicking characteristics – potentially acting as a “hormone hacker” in your body – AND for men you know it’s not ideal to have too much estrogen in your body – particularly if you’re looking to build muscles and strength.

Hmm.. might be time to rethink that protein shaker….

Care about safe nutrition? Read on below.

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