Episode 154 – Why I never use a microwave

“How will reheating food affect the quality of the nutrients?”

Especially in regards to dangers of a microwave, this is an interesting question with a multi-part response.

Part 1. Emotion over logic?

The only reason you want to eat warm food is because it may taste a bit better and thus you enjoy the brief emotional comfort that this brings. But nutrient quality wise, you are damaging the food’s nutrition when you reheat it. So why reheat your food if you’re going to reduce the nutrients in the food – for taste and to “feel good or full in the tummy for a brief moment?”


If you want to be healthy, work to appeal to your higher logical brain rather than to a primitive sense such as taste.

Don’t get me wrong…

There’s nothing wrong with taste, but what i’m saying is:

Mindful eating is key.

Ask yourself this question to help unlock that:

“What are you doing it for?” Why are you really eating?

Which leads to part 2.


Want to know the dangers of a microwave? Read on below.

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