Episode 153 – Before you eat fresh foods, watch this

Q: Does freezing food affect the quality of the nutrients?

There is merit to buying snap-frozen food such as frozen fruit or frozen vegetables because the preservation of the nutrients in these food items is a lot better than so called, “fresh” produce in the grocery store.

Wait, hear me out!

When snap-frozen food is delivered to you it is still theoretically “fresh” off the tree (as the plant metabolism is slowed down or even halted once frozen) and in that way there are more nutrients retained within the food for longer.

And yes, there’s some science to back that up as well.

On the other side if it’s “fresh” (non frozen) this is what usually happens before you consume it:

First it’s taken directly from the tree and stored in a farm warehouse for a few days before it’s sorted and transported on a logistics truck from the countryside to where you are – most probably in a city and sometimes in another country!

It’s then put in the fruit and vegetable section of the shopping centre for a few more days before you purchase it…

THEN put it in your fridge – yet again for a few more days…before you finally eat it.


Unsure about frozen vegetables or frozen fruit? Read on below.

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