Episode 143 – Is intermittent fasting a hoax?

Today’s question on the #AskEvro Show is, “Is intermittent fasting a hoax?”

Intermittent fasting is basically another way of dieting or structuring your eating habits and behaviours.

So if you look briefly at what’s happening in this dietary pattern – intermittent fasting followers are actually compressing the amount of time that they eat.

So, for example, they’ll eat all their meals within a shorter amount of time – say within an 8 hour time window. The rest of the day they will only drink water – that’s the basic rule.

How it works?

One of the proposed mechanisms behind intermittent fasting would be to let your body digest the food during this key time window – and then you allow your body to repair, recover and relax for the remainder of the day so it can optimally digest again at the next meal time (ie. the next day).

What do you do for the next 16 hours?

Well, the rest of the time you just get on with life – work, play, explore, etc.


Is there any other things I need to know about intermittent fasting? Read on below.

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