Episode 139 – Do you really know how to use nutrition supplements?

Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is: “Do you really know how to use nutrition supplements?”

Supplementation – beyond normal

Supplements are quite useful in supplementing your diet, particularly for athletes and people that are pushing themselves or trying to perform at the next level.

There are hundreds of different supplements on the market today but they can basically be categorised into their functionality around training as below:

  • Pre-workout supplements

These are nutrition supplements you take before a workout or training session to help enhance the mental and physical components of your training by activating the muscular or nervous systems or even supplying nutrients in surplus so that exercise can be performed above “normal”. While traditionally it was creatine or caffeine, there are others such as nitrogen based supplements, or even raw amino acids such as L-Arginine, Beta-alanine, theanine, taurine and many others that fall under the pre workout category.

  • Intra workout supplements

Intra workout supplements are nutrients that act in a similar fashion to the pre workout supplements in that they supply nutrients in surplus so that exercise can continue to be performed at the same level for extended periods. While this historically started with water and electrolyte sports drinks it has now expanded into excess BCAA supply, high doses of Vitamin C and many others.


Use nutrition supplements? Read on below.

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