Episode 135 – Why I still eat fish and chips

My overarching nutrition philosophy for my diet is variety, moderation & balance.

In fact, here are three (3) diet rules that I follow:

1. Try anything & everything at least once.

Quick story,

I remember having Japanese one night with my brother and Thomas (his potential rugby manager for Japan). It was a weeknight and we visited an authentic Japanese restaurant in North Sydney, Australia.

Unfortunately, Andy and I arrived a little late so Thomas ordered our meal ahead to save time. Once we arrived and the formalities were out of the way, Thomas segued into dinner with a, “let’s eat!” to which Andy replied, “great, where’s the menu?”

Thomas quickly commented, “It’s ok, I’ve ordered…. And here it is.”

Seconds later, the waiter arrived and revealed the delicacies – raw fish, oyster, octopus, sea urchin and more..

Immediately, I laughed (you see, Andy hated raw fish let alone other seafood – and his poker face told it all).

Everyone at the table started to eat but before too long, Thomas noticed Andy wasn’t eating and then he stopped to ask if everything was ok.

“He doesn’t eat seafood,” I said.

“Oh,” said Thomas looking at Andy, “But how do you know if you haven’t tried?”

“I just don’t” replied Andy.

Thomas paused for a second and then constructed a mantra, “There’s a saying – try everything at least once, first and foremost because you might just like it.”

“What happens if you don’t?”

“Well, you’ll laugh about it one day – either cos someone will burst out with laughter over your facial expressions – like now – hahaha… or eventually you’ll tell your story at another dinner and your company will laugh.”

We all laughed.

More on my nutrition philosophy in a moment. Read on below.

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