Episode 122 – Make time for your joys

“Alright. How many hours do spend reading about other people’s lives? How much time do you work on your story? Your joys? And getting rid of things you don’t like. Do you even spend one day per year?! That’s what my challenge is to you.

When was the last time you had a friend or family member in need of help?

I bet you it was only recently.

AND what’d you do? Did you ignore them? Most probably not.

You are wired for social engagement. BUT that’s fine. That’s how you survive – your network is your net worth. Look after them and they’ll look after you.

Here’s the exception.

The problem begins when you fall for the mass media illusion that you should care for public figures, celebrities, and politicians. Yes, they are well documented and it feels like you know them. But I have news for you!

They don’t know you, they don’t care for you and they aren’t in your immediate sphere of influence – and they most likely won’t affect your life either.

SO why do we read about them? Why do we follow them if they bring no value?

It both irritates and leaves me confused as to why you bother to concern yourself with another person’s life when your own life is in shambles.

Maybe it’s lack of perspective or over-enthusiastic curiosity, maybe you’ve just forgotten.

You first – always.

Read on below to learn how to reclaim your life and make time for your joys.

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