Episode 8 – Four tips you need to know to kickstart your health journey


I hear you.

Changing your lifestyle can seem like a major decision.

It’s scary, right! First, you have to let go of old habits. Second, is the adjustment period – the period of time that seems like walking a tight rope between “failure” and “making it”.

So when you kickstart your health journey, does change = pain ?

Well, no.

Stick with me for a second.

At first, it may seem like pain, but once you get over the initial obstacles, the “change” is more of a transformation or, a right of passage for you becoming more of who you are – meaning, it’s one of your character building moments.

You’ll be better, more equipped in life, people will admire your courage and most importantly you’ll be true to yourself.


As with any journey worth taking, you have to be well prepared and have the right mindset to see you through.

Are you ready to commit to doing what’s necessary?


In this article, let’s explore 4 key steps to successfully kickstart your health journey. They’ll get you going in the right direction and, for good!


The 4 steps to kickstart your health journey


1. Identify your goal

This is the first step towards kickstarting your health and fitness journey.

No goals means no direction. No direction means staying the same – which the opposite to why you’re here right?! So, to kickstart your health and fitness journey let’s get your goal in order.


Ask yourself this question and be honest,

“What do I want to achieve?”


Some common goals include:

    • Wanting a sexier body
    • Being stronger
    • Reducing fatigue
    • Feeling more confident
    • Being able to play with your child for longer periods of time
    • Having more energy to get more out of life.


Hot tip:

It also pays to drive your health and fitness goal with your “why.”

Why do you want to improve your health?”

Hint: think of your “why” in terms of the immediate and deeper benefits, as well as the potential consequences if you do not make these changes.


2. Work on your Confidence

The second key factor to kickstart your health and fitness journey is to use body language hacks to build your confidence. Simple body language improvements such as, walking upright or smiling help to boost feel-good hormones and other biomarkers such as, testosterone while at the same time lower stress hormones such as, cortisol – of which too much isn’t good for your confidence.

If you want to go the extra mile in hacking your body language for confidence, try these power poses.


Simply hold for 2 minutes or more on a daily basis:

  • Champion’s pose – take a cue from runners who do their victory pose when they reach the finish line. This is a good one.
  • Wonder woman pose – put on your fiercest “Wonder Woman” pose with back straight and arms on your waist. Another great pose for confidence.


Hack your body language to build your confidence and you’ll no doubt kickstart your health fitness journey.


What’s the other tips to kickstart your health journey? Read on below!

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