Episode 116 – Simple strategy to create a positive life

  • Want to create a positive life and yet things never seem to go your way?
  • Can’t catch a break?
  • Struggling to keep it together despite your efforts?

I feel ya.

Sometimes that’s the way life’s dice roll.

But I don’t let it get me down.

I have a motto I focus on.

It’s this:

Focus on what I can control. Accept the rest.”

So, how do I begin to get back in control?

Reflect every day.

It’s a must for growth.

Whenever the waves of life are crashing upon me like an angry storm, I take stock in my reflections.

Here in this space, I create a foundation – an awareness if you like – of where I am in space and time and then build on what I have.

The rest I acknowledge, smile towards and then accept as “temporary” barricades directing me in a certain trajectory – for now.

Yes, it can be a bit of an effort to focus on but growth has always been uncomfortable.

Consider a child’s painful and teary reaction to when their first set of teeth are coming through – that’s the same thing that’s happening to you right now – growing pains are upon you and it’s time to embrace what’s happening. Soon enough, the pain will pass and you’ll have grown too!


Read on below to discover how to create a positive life.

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