Episode 86 – How to think differently about meditation


Meditation doesn’t need to be something big and elaborate.

Back in the day, before I started meditation in 2010 I always thought it had to be special – meaning, I thought we had to go to the Himalayas with the monks and sit for a week in special robes next to a waterfall and not say anything – haha… that was my impression of meditation.

I now realize how naïve that perspective was.

In saying that, that can be a meditation experience, but this would metaphorically be like a brand new runner doing a marathon without any training – that’s a setup for failure and you wouldn’t enjoy it straight off the bat like a seasoned individual will!


Because most of us are not equipped to do so:

  1. spiritually – to be able to benefit from connecting with your inner self
  2. physically fit or flexible enough to sit with good posture or,
  3. even mentally strong enough to concentrate for extended periods.

So what do we do?

Let’s break it down into the fundamentals so we can succeed.

First, it’s about finding the time slot in your day.

For example, start with your commute to work (as long as you’re not driving!)

Secondly, start the mechanics of meditation.


Meditation is for you. Read on below to find out how.

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