Episode 6 – Four Simple Steps To Healthy Smart Shopping

A healthy house is a place that provides readily available healthy and tasty food.

There’s a simple rule to follow: If you keep healthy food in the house, you’re gonna eat healthy food. Conversely, if you keep junk food in the house, you’ll eat junk food. Sounds straightforward right?! So the essence of being healthy is to keep only healthy food in the house. Let’s discuss 4 simple steps to healthy smart shopping so you can create a healthy home environment – your shortcut to being healthy and fit!

It’s time to shop smart!


1. Only shop around the perimeter of your grocery store

It’s best to purchase foods located around the perimeter of your grocery store — vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, juices, and breads all reside there. These foods should be prioritized for their nutrient value. This is especially important as you only have so much money to spend on food each week – so make it count.


What to do:

Collect those healthy food items around the perimeter of your grocery store and then focus on your “soul foods” next (your favorites). Not only is it a better way of shopping it’s also more efficient as opposed to going aisle per aisle.


2. Get non-perishable items first

Perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, and eggs tend to be more susceptible to damage because they are soft and unpackaged.


What to do:

So it’s best to collect non-perishable grocery items like toiletries, canned and solid grocery foods such as, grainy foods (pastas), meats, juice as well as dairy cartons first. Then, gather the perishable items at the end of your grocery journey so that they’re on top of the shopping cart when you finish. This will make sure they’re still fresh and appetizing when you get home – not squashed and broken.


Want to learn the other simple steps to healthy smart shopping! Read on below.

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