Episode 88 – Foolproof process to success


Wanna make your success foolproof?

Well here’s a hot tip I give to all my clients and athletes:

Success is about action.

To create action you need to forget setting goals like it’s a wish list.

Instead, take your goals to the next level with verbs – action words.

What do you need to do?

Now, this is super important – so that when it comes time to actually execute your step-by-step plan you know what to do – particularly in your busy life.

And it’s this – start to describe your goals and intentions using verbs.

It seems simple right? Well yes, that’s how simple it is.


Read on below.



Once again,

Simply create the step-by-step procedure and break it down so it’s bite-sized, fun-sized and achievable so you just walk through it when the time comes.

Eventually, it’ll become a part of you and you’ll do it automatically.

If you need help, a classic piece of writing to emulate is the instruction manual of a new electronic device such as a DVD player or phone.

For example, this is how it might look:

Step 1: open box
Step 2: plug the wires in or put in the batteries
Step 3: turn on the device
Step 4: install software…etc.

See the pattern there? Yes, they all start with verbs!

And that’s how your goals need to be written – with action in mind.

Use this format exactly as is to achieve success with goals.

Get at it – life’s waiting for you.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness. International Athlete, Elite Performance Manager for the Philippine Volcanoes rugby teams, qualified Dietitian / Nutritionist and qualified educator. Chris Everingham combines more than 10 years of experience and education together to deliver the best strategies to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.


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