Episode 113 – Keep fit forever with this pro life hack

To “keep fit forever” is something that I struggle(d) to sustain for many years because,

  1. I love to continually achieve whatever I set my mind to
  2. It’s hard to be satisfied – which is either the relentless “cleaner” side of me (Tim Grover – Relentless) or perhaps it’s the perfectionist Virgo side… haha…

If this sounds like you as well, both you and I need this reminder for our journey!

And here it is…

Give yourself permission to have that time down to relax and rest!

That’s it 🙂

You see, resting and recovery is a huge part of this, “keep fit forever” equation.

You don’t have to be on a mission 24/7, 365…

Enjoy that celebration and embrace the social health opportunities that may be going on.

AND then when it comes to the start of the workweek, pick it up again!


Read on below to understand how to add in the missing “keep fit forever” puzzle piece into your life.

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