Episode 29 – 4 ways to eliminate stress forever

Stress is more than just common things like traffic, a frustrating boss or no WIFI.


Stress can also be caused by poor digestion, malnourishment, emotional circumstances, under recovery, lack of sleep and even overtraining. Learning to manage chronic stress will not only improve the way you look and feel but, dramatically lower the risk of symptoms caused by stress.


So, what are some of the simplest ways you can eliminate stress forever on a daily basis?


1. Get a good night’s rest

A good night’s rest is about quality as it is quantity. If your having trouble consistently sleeping 6-8 hours per night, add in a “sleep routine” leading up to bedtime.  A “sleep routine” will help create a habit loop, which triggers your body to prepare for sleep.


What to do:

Turn the main lights off at least 60-90minutes before sleep, put your phone away and a keep your room cool, dark and as quiet as possible. AND no TV! Instead, try nighttime stretching, reading books or good old fashioned real conversation with friends and family.


2. Take time out

The office environment can be a fast paced lifestyle and eventually, this will all catch up on you. To manage stress in the corporate life, learn to balance work with rest. And the best way to do this is by offsetting the high intensity mental activities of work with low intensity physical activities.


What to do:

Take time out to attend a yoga class, to go for a walk, a swim or even meditate. No time? Simply get away from the office for a 5-minute walk, focus on deep nasal breathing into your stomach area and feel your mind and body relax.



How else can you eliminate stress forever? Read on below.

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