Episode 150 – Why post workout soreness is good

Q: “I’m wondering if it’s a bad thing if I’m not getting sore after a workout?”

A: First off, if you’re exercising for weight loss, sports or even muscle gain, you should getting some workout soreness for like 1-3 days after the workout.

In short, 2 days would be normal-ish, 4 days is too long, whereas no workout soreness means you probably didn’t really workout.

Energising exercise, no such thing?

Energising exercise is a type of movement that you can do to exercise without getting sore. This is a different type of exercise that would also fit under movement but for a different effect – ie. energising (a similar effect to taking a caffeine hit or taking a nap).

But more to the point, what’s happening if I’m not experiencing workout soreness? Read on below.



If you’re working out and not getting sore there’s a few things that may be happening:

1. you’re not working out hard enough. If you’re not working out hard enough, what are you really doing in the gym? what is your purpose?

In most cases you need to be able to get to a situation where you walk out in the gym (or workout) and you feel fantastic. You feel a bit sore, you feel exhausted but fresh and you feel like you’ve invested your time well. That would be the first thing you need to consider.

2. look at adjusting the variables of fitness as well.

  • Are you working out at the right intensity?
  • Are you doing the right amount of sets & reps?
  • Are you working in the right volume for you?
  • Are you resting too long?
  • Are you not resting enough between exercises, sets, reps, between sessions?
  • What’s your weekly training schedule like?
  • What’s your overall training program?
  • Do you have a training program?

These sort of variables go into proper programming so think about these two key areas when you’re exercising and make sure you’re aiming to have a little post workout soreness.


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Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness. International Athlete, Elite Performance Manager for the Philippine Volcanoes rugby teams, qualified Dietitian / Nutritionist and qualified educator. Chris Everingham combines more than 10 years of experience and education together to deliver the best strategies to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.


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