Episode 150 – Why post workout soreness is good

Q: “I’m wondering if it’s a bad thing if I’m not getting sore after a workout?”

A: First off, if you’re exercising for weight loss, sports or even muscle gain, you should getting some workout soreness for like 1-3 days after the workout.

In short, 2 days would be normal-ish, 4 days is too long, whereas no workout soreness means you probably didn’t really workout.

Energising exercise, no such thing?

Energising exercise is a type of movement that you can do to exercise without getting sore. This is a different type of exercise that would also fit under movement but for a different effect – ie. energising (a similar effect to taking a caffeine hit or taking a nap).

But more to the point, what’s happening if I’m not experiencing workout soreness? Read on below.

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