Episode 1A – Basic Movement Patterns for everyday exercises at home

Starting out in fitness can be overwhelming.

Others need regular variety, and many just want to be a bit more organised when they exercise. In any case, this is a good mini series to check out. This will help with your technique as well as provide some basic safety tips to consider. While the videos are a bit basic, the information is still relevant for exercise because it covers the basic movement patterns of humans.


Basic Movement Patterns 

We all do Basic movement patterns (BMPs).  No matter who you are – young, old, athlete, office worker, stay at home mum, coal miner, etc – you will benefit from understanding BMPs.

This episode mini series is split into the following categories:

  1. Upper body
  2. Lower body
  3. Core type


What’s in the categories?

  • Lower body is squats and lunges.
  • Upper body is push and pull (or row).
  • Abs and Core is outer midsection (the “sixpack”, lower back, exterior obliques), inner midsection muscles units (transverse abs, diaphragm, multifidus, interior obliques) and bend movements which tend to focus around the mid torso (core, abs, lower back).


Let’s make the World Fitter!

Oh, p.s. I have an episode coming out about exercise programming on my website, keep an eye and ear out on social media for when that happens so you’ll know how to put together a basic program.

For now, enjoy this mini series on basic movement patterns for exercise.

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