Episode 34 – Two reasons why strength training is the secret

Strength is best! Wanna know why? Read on.


While health professionals and scientists understand the body and its function quite well now, the age-old debate of strength training versus cardiovascular training still continues to rage. So, how do you determine that strength training is the secret?


First off, what’s the measure?

 To determine which is best, what is the measure? While both strength training and cardiovascular training offer similar and substantial physiological changes across the board, these are the two factors that put strength training on top.


1. It promotes the natural production of anabolic hormones

Resistance training is an environmental change that forces your body to adapt. It promotes the natural secretion of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone among others. Not only do these hormones assist in burning fat, but they also play a role in building lean muscle that further helps burn fat. This is a positively reinforcing cycle that keeps building momentum as you continue to exercise – meaning it gets easier and easier to keep in good shape.


What’s the other reason that strength training is the secret? Continue reading below.

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