Episode 106 – Your cellphone addiction could make you healthy


  • Feeling guilty about your cell phone addiction?
  • Want to work on your health and fitness but get distracted looking at your phone screen all the time?

Here’s quite possibly the most remarkable and positive use of your mobile phone that I’ve come to notice and ironically it centres around both your cell phone and this magical number:


What’s so significant about this number?

They say that on average you look at your phone up to 150 times per day.

150 times!

That’s about 10 times per hour or… once every 6 minutes…

Obviously surprised when I learned about this human behavior (and in disbelief about this statistic) I decided to put it to the test.

I immediately downloaded one of those apps that measures your phone usage…then low and behold!!!

Most days of the week I was hitting those numbers (or more) with ease!

AND…To be brutally honest I’m not even a phone or app person!

But here’s the good thing about this cell phone addiction.


Read on below.

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