Episode 9 – Nutrition tips for busy people: Mobile Energy


Busy much?

While there’s so much to do in a day it’s equally important to focus on maintaining energy to keep up your hectic lifestyle! Otherwise, you’ll crash and burn – sooner rather than later!

Read on for my top nutrition tips for busy people to keep that energy up all day long.


1. Start your day right

Establish a healthy habit of eating at the beginning of your day to get that super boost.


What to do:

Start with a big breakfast to provide your body with enough energy to sustain you through the day. This will allow you to think, perform, and get around better.


Try these:

  • Eggs and brown rice will provide you with protein and carbohydrates to get through the day.
  • Cereals such as, oats, puffed millet or kamuts are also really good options especially when coupled with mix-ins such as, fruits and nuts. These are also a good source of protein and carbohydrates with the added benefit of vitamins and minerals.



Skipping breakfast – you’ll reach for quick fixes like energy drinks, coffee, candies, or chocolates. AND what’s worst, constant consumption this nature will make you crash and burn – literally and in your long term health as well.


2. Always plan your meals ahead – especially when travelling

At the beginning of the day – everyday – look at your time from a managerial perspective. Take a few minutes to observe your daily activities so you can prepare for upcoming situations in a proactive rather than reactive manner. For example, getting stuck in traffic unprepared will leave you hungry, frustrated, and restless – something that can easily be avoided by planning ahead.


What to do:

If you commute, you’ll want to know these things:

  • How long the trip is going to take?
  • What do you need to prepare (eg. pick up some healthy and convenient food)?
  • What food options are available nearby either prior to the commute or directly after?


How else can you maintain for energy for the day? Read on!

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