Episode 53 – What Nutrition Claims Really Mean And How To Spot Them


It’s Friday night.


You’re just about to go out and this happens: you notice your favourite jeans are a bit tight. You breath hold and muscle your way through the zip but that top button is a struggle!


What the?


After all the effort of watching what you eat, how’d this happen? I mean the only change you made recently was that new “healthy,” “light, reduced fat” snack.


Surely, it wasn’t that? Or was it?


While it can be a bit embarrassing and feel unsexy to fill out your jeans, it’s even worse to be fooled by nutrition claims on food packages.


What does “light” really mean? How “reduced” is reduced fat?


Today, let’s explore what nutrition claims really mean so you won’t be fooled again and more importantly, reverse your wardrobe malfunction.


Scroll down to understand more about what nutrition claims really mean.

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