Episode 141 – Is it weight loss or about feeling better?

Today’s insightful thought about health and fitness is this question,

“is it weight loss or about feeling better?”

Whenever I look back at my old clients progress (most of my clients initially came to me with a weight loss target in mind), I noticed they actually felt happier and yet lost less weight than they initially came to me with.

For them, their transformations were really matter of confidence building in their exercise or functional movement and even feeling healthier as opposed to hitting a number on the scales.

I guess initially they only knew how to communicate their health and fitness needs in terms of numbers – which is fair enough because it can be quite hard to aspire towards something you can’t quite describe (particularly if you haven’t been there in many years or even ever).

So for you… particularly, if you want weight loss fast,

Here are some food for thought:


Want weight loss? Read on below.

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