Episode 97 – The perfect time to build your health and fitness program


This is a classic excuse.

Wait for it.

Excuse: “I never have enough time…to sit down and plan my health and fitness”

Me: “Really.” *insert sarcastic facial expression here*

What about now? Now is a good time to build your health and fitness program.


AND that’s why I don’t get it.


Humans run around like they’re immortal. They waste time like they are teenagers throwing toilet paper on someone’s house during Halloween! They chill out on the internet looking at what everyone else is doing.

Killing time.

Wow. I wish I had that much time.


So anyway, here’s my realistic counter-argument.

Does anyone do anything productive in that middle week between Christmas and New Years?

100% doubt it!

There’s nothing going on because everyone knows there’s a second celebration coming – a second excuse to put things off to the new year.

Then what happens?


There is always time to build your health and fitness program. Read on below.

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