Episode 28 – Three secrets to a healthy pregnancy


Being pregnant is one of the most magical things a woman can experience – you are literally growing life inside. 


Miracle of life

As magical and mind-blowing as that maybe it is also incredibly hard on your body physically and mentally. Physically, your body will go through so many changes – from the skin on your stomach stretching, to the organs inside moving to make room for the little one growing inside.

While on the mental side, you will go through some tough times and be tempted by a multitude of feelings and cravings. During this time you will need to stay focused on the big picture – creating and maintaining healthy habits to nourish and endure the pregnancy period. 

Not only that, every day your baby is growing – from brain development to their tiny fingers and toes – it is all happening inside of you. How well this development occurs is primarily determined by the food you are eating and how you are taking care of yourself.


How to stay healthy mentally and physically throughout your pregnancy:

There are three secrets to a healthy pregnancy:


1.  Get active

This can be any form of activity and will primarily depend on what fitness activities you were performing before you were pregnant. If you were not very active prior to pregnancy it’s best to chat with your doctor first.

Once medically cleared, performing cardio such as, daily short walks, prenatal yoga or light swimming are great options to consider. Similarly, if you were already quite active (eg. running or going to the gym) again chat to your doctor about the level of activity you were doing and discuss whether it will be safe to continue.

If needed, discuss how you can modify your activity level as your pregnancy progresses – generally speaking, as the pregnancy progresses, the less intense the workouts will become.



What are the two other secrets to a healthy pregnancy? Read on below.

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