Episode 131 – Meditation pro life hack

“…start with your commute to work. And have your time where you close your eyes…take that moment there. That’s where it can start. It’s as simple as that.”


It seems like every successful person I’ve come across has some form of meditation pro life hack.

So why don’t you!? Not aware? Too busy? Don’t know how? Seems weird?

Let’s eliminate the excuses, shall we?!

First off, you should be aware of meditation by now, if not – you are behind the times! This is what you need to know.

Meditation helps to create a more open and malleable mind by releasing the energy bound up in circulating thought “habit” loops accumulated in the past (during the day, from the past week or so, etc.). It also helps to calm your system down (to assist in focus and concentration) by steering your attention away from the stressful “fight or flight” state many people live in every day – and towards a higher perspective of life – an observer’s point of view.

Think of your mind like a computer or phone – every now and again you need to reset your phone, optimise (or “defrag” it) and delete some rarely used apps to free up some memory.

Meditation basically does this for your brain.

So, where do we do it?

Here’s the perfect place to start to a meditation pro life hack. The commute to work.

Why? Well, since you’re “too busy” you may as well use the “wasted” commute time to get to know yourself a bit better particularly if you’re on a bus, train, or uber ride (if you’re the driver, save it for later).

This is how you do it.

Close your eyes and start breathing through your nose – in and out – down into your midsection – and back out through the nose.

Read on below for more on this meditation pro life hack.

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