Episode 93 – When you notice this you’ll change your life


Ever thought you were stuck in your life?

Like, you could never change your life?

Well, despite what many think – your past doesn’t equal your future!

You too can change.

In fact, just today a friend of mine was chatting to me before I starting work.

He complained to me about being stuck in a rut.

I laughed. I shouldn’t have but it did.

He looked back at me with a slightly offended facial expression.

“Why’d you laugh man?”

“Bro, you can change your life in an instant. Surely you know this already.” I exclaimed.

“Nah man, it’s not like that.”

“Seriously bro, bear with me for a moment and be open to what I’m about to say. All you gotta do is break your mind!”

Bewildered he replied, “You have 60 seconds.”

“Ok bro, so the brain typically runs on habit loops, which are also linked to your environment. Once your mind stops being stimulated, inspired and similarly your places and spaces physically around you stay the same – you keep doing the same things, seeing the same people, etc. you get ‘stuck.’ – the mind is molded hard.”

“Of course, initially in this time it’s great to be running on habit loops, it’s efficient, quick, and easy to do and saves your body energy. After a while though, it can feel like a mental prison.”

“That’s the stuck in a rut moment.”

“That’s right, this the exact time to break your mind! change it up – go to new places, experience new activities and meet you people, etc.”

“If you can’t do that – because you have limited deposable cash, in a serious relationship or commited to a long work contract, etc – at the very least you need to start to use your mind to create and visualize a new life to work towards.”

“When’s the best time to create and visualize a new life, a new you?”

“I love mornings! I think they’re the best times to get started.”

“How do I get started?”

“I’ll tell you after work…. Chat soon!”


Change your life today. Read on below.

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