Episode 92 – You have a rhythm to your life


Have you ever felt like this?

I was at work the other day when one of my clients (who was newly starting out) dropped me a phone call.

While normally a fresh, energetic and bubbly type of person, she sounded “down and troubled” in making the change to a positive healthy life.

Megan* asked me, “Why do I keep failing? It’s so frustrating!

“Every time I would read up about the success of others in their weight loss journey or sporting prowess, I get so excited in my own journey that I want to add in more healthy habits right away. So I go out and try to do what they are doing and I end up failing…Why?”

“It’s simple.”

“The answer is rhythmic awareness.”

“Ok, go on…”

“Unfortunately, not all of us can simply go out and go ‘100 miles per hour’ straight away. It’ takes time and timing. Time we can’t speed up, but luckily timing we can dictate through something called rhythmic awareness.”

I went on.

“Rhythmic awareness with health and fitness is about understanding firstly that, we have a rhythm.

Every day we get up; every day we go to sleep. That’s one obvious rhythm.

So every day we have an opportunity to begin again, every day is an ending as well.

She interrupted, “Why is this important to be aware of our rhythm in life?”

“Well one useful application of this awareness is that it helps to give opportunities to time our entry and exits – and ultimately balance our lives when doing healthy habits.


Find the rhythm to your life. Read on below.

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