Episode 140 – Cheapest way to maintain athletic performance?

Today’s #AskEvro Show question of the day is, “Why do we have to weigh ourselves before and after training sessions?”

This question came from one of my younger athletes of the Philippine Volcanoes national rugby team. We were at our intensive training camp and he wanted to know why I operated a high performance camp the way I did in order to maintain athletic performance.

The most important factor in athletic performance is keeping your body function within the optimal operating states for as long as possible. Thermoregulation has to be one of the highest, (if not the highest) priority factors in determining optimal function.

So for this case in point, if your body overheats, your metabolism will be out of whack and may cause a range of issues and even personal harm to your physiology – you don’t want that!

Hence, first and foremost, you want to make sure that you can keep your athletes well hydrated so that they can keep their body temperature within the optimal range.

How do you monitor that?


Focused on improving athletic performance? Read on below.

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