Episode 59 – Why Your Company Needs a Sustainable Health and Fitness Program


Employees are the most important part of any organization.


Without your people, the core purpose of the organization cannot be delivered – even with A.I. on the horizon. For people to be engaged and truly enjoy their job, they need to be healthy – mentally and physically – holistically.


Let’s check out the most important reasons you need to build a sustainable health and fitness program in your workplace:

1. Power your Productivity

Illness or disease in the workplace means illness and disease for your workplace productivity. Simple. Short-term illnesses (colds, viruses, etc.) and long-term / chronic illnesses (diabetes, obesity, heart problems, cancer, etc.) will negatively affect your organization. Clearly, if an employee is absent, they cannot deliver the value they need to provide – particularly if that person is a highly skilled worker. Notwithstanding, absenteeism can also affect the production line as well by putting a hole in your total manpower.

Similarly, “presenteeism” or, the disengagement of otherwise talented staff will punish your organization as well. If your staff do attend work but are not fully engaged in their job, the quality will not be there. It’s quite simple, if you’re not excited about work, you won’t do your best – even with a good paycheck and benefits. A business needs to show that it cares about its people. For those of you at the top of your organization, taking care of business means taking care of its employees. This can come in the form of health and nutrition sessions, counseling and motivational sessions, financial guidance, mentorship or any program that creates a supportive environment.


What to do:

Implement a needs assessment in your workplace today to see what your staff needs to be better and feel more valued.


2. More profits

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is a saying that rings true when it comes to any organization. A sustainable health and fitness program would allow an improvement in collective work produced by your team. If each employee is healthy enough to produce beyond what is expected, the collective work becomes even greater, and the value created by the organization increases.


  • For a service-based business, this is particularly important because it allows for higher quality work. With high quality work and a professional reputation comes increased demand, bigger margins, and higher revenue. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


  • If you’re manufacturing a product, more products made in the same period of time than previous efforts means being able to grow faster, again creating higher revenue opportunities.


In any business, better work and more work produced at scale (and faster) translates to more profits for your bottom line.


What to look for:

Identify skills gaps and provide soft skill courses to bridge that gap. It may be beyond health and fitness such as organization and decision making skills, “time management” and even communication and leadership.



Why else do you need to build a sustainable health and fitness program in your workplace? Read on below.

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