Episode 111 – Why most people fail to achieve their health and fitness goal

Failed again?

Hurts so bad huh?!

I get it.

I don’t often fail but when I do, it’s a kick in the stomach.

A knife to the heart.

It’s a terrible feeling.

But you (and I) gotta move on, particularly with any fitness goal failure.

And fast.

How do you move on?


Get back at it again.

Let’s review the achievement checklist:

  • Goal in place? Check.
  • Plan in place? Check.
  • Action? Check.
  • Drive?… Check?! Check?! Aha!

You may have the goal (or dream), plan and action in place but you don’t have conscious awareness of the why factor to drive that goal. That’s why you’ve failed (so far)…

You want that drive?

Read on below to learn ways to avoid fitnes goal failure.

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